Sooke Point Ocean Cottage Resort

SookePoint 'Ocean Cottages' are like luxury yachts with all the comforts of home. With special tourism approval to be three times closer to the ocean, Ocean Cottages & Yacht Suites feature exceedingly rare front-row seats above surging surf and a rich undersea garden that attracts an abundance of wildlife.

SookePoint is the extreme SW Tip of Canada, right beside 'Orca Alley'. This is the new home of the Centre for Whale Research, and adjoins our neighbouring Wilderness Park with 10 km of virgin waterfront and 50 km of lush coastal forest trails. We have by far the least rain on the wild west coast, and enjoy the warmest winters in all of Canada.

SEscape to the most vibrant edge of nature. Enjoy a dynamic micro-climate, trophy fishing, sanctuary kayaking, spectacular whale, sea lion & storm watching, and romantic sunsets that burn into the open Pacific. SookePoint is one-of-a-kind. Like nowhere else. Click 'Key Info' on the Menu to see why, and then consider your exceptional 'Choices'.

Discover Sooke Point


logo-sookepoint-ocean-cottage-resort.png.694x0_default.pngSookePoint is a new 'Ocean Cottage Resort' on the SW tip of super, natural British Columbia, where old Victoria meets the Wild West Coast.

Kayak among the orcas, eagles, seals and sea lions. Catch trophy salmon and halibut swimming in your own back yard. Experience incredible underwater diving just below your deck. Hike the 6-hour (one-way) Coast Trail and explore 50 km of enchanting forest pathways in the huge 3500-acre neighbouring Wilderness Park.

With special approval to build three times closer to the sea, and huge glass walls that open onto nautical prow-shaped decks, these unique Ocean Cottages are like luxury yachts, designed for nature cruises and epic storm-watching, safely anchored above the vibrant seashore of Canada’s South Pacific.

Enjoy adventure by day and comfort by night, with fresh sea air, by far the lowest rainfall* on the Wild West Coast, and the warmest winters in Canada. Relax to soothing surf and romantic sunsets, with unobstructed views across the ocean to the snow-capped Olympic Mountains beyond.

Kayak among the humpbacks, orcas, eagles, seals and sea lions. Catch trophy salmon and halibut in your own back yard. Experience incredible underwater diving just below your deck. Hike the 6-hour (one-way) Coast Trail and explore 50 km of enchanting forest pathways in your adjoining 3,500-acre Wilderness Park.

humpback-breach-crop.jpg.1920x807_default.jpgSelect your favorite from an exclusive collection of Ocean Cottages & Yacht Suites, from 575 to over 2,500 square feet at introductory prices that average $450 to $650 per sq. ft., including your waterfront land and yacht-style dream home, fully accessorized - complete with cozy duvets and celebratory champagne glasses.

This is Oceanfront Real Estate that delivers an iMax experience like nowhere else. Reserve your place beside ‘Orca Alley’ or ‘Sea Lion Central’ and live here full or part time - or take advantage of destination resort zoning to earn premium overnight rental income.

bonsai-favorite.jpg.1920x807_default.jpgHow do you put a value on lifetime front-row seats for your family and friends to enjoy a different oceanfront show every day of the year, many as sensational as nature has to offer?

Every red dot on the site plan represents another Owner taking the opportunity to secure one of a geographically limited number of front row spots, and joining us to create our own community within the SookePoint Ocean Cottage Resort.

And although SookePoint is deeded ownership (not timeshare, fractionals or leased land), we do provide introductions for those who wish to invest with others to secure joint ownership of more real estate for less money. This can be of particular interest for those not yet ready to live full-time in their Ocean Cottage or Yacht Suite.

With fully furnished Yacht Suites from $279,000, and the lowest mortgage rates in a generation, you may want to see if you'd like to join this exceptional 'Yacht Club' while there's still a great selection of true oceanfront from which to choose. There is only one SW Tip of Canada, and our peninsula has just 2,850 lineal feet of waterfront.

Our Show Cottage is open Noon to 4 PM (or longer) every day, and anytime by appointment. To book a private tour, or just to say hello, please give us a call at 250.642.0350.
SookePoint is in Greater Victoria, at 1000 Silver Spray Drive, Sooke (but you turn left at the historic 17-Mile Pub (Guess how far from downtown Victoria?), turning well before the village of Sooke). The last 10 km is a trip back in time, as you slow down for wildlife and wind your way to the very end of a curvaceous tree-lined country road.

You will have then circumnavigated the sunset side of the Wilderness Park and arrived on the extreme SW Tip of Canada, where you will be surrounded by the ocean to the east, south and west.

img_1266.JPG.1920x807_default.JPGBy road, we are just 37 to 43 km from downtown, but only 15 nautical miles as the crow flies. SookePoint is an ideal destination resort, because it's an oasis that feels a world away, yet you're under an hour from the airport, ferries and all the world class amenities in and around Greater Victoria. We are on a peninsula surrounded by nature, yet it's only half an hour to theatres and superstores in Langford, the fastest growing municipality in BC.