Clearance Certificate for Non-resident Sellers

In order to avoid money being held by Revenue Canada after completing the sale of your property, a T2062 Clearance Certificate is required. To apply to Revenue Canada for a T2062 Clearance Certificate, the information required is as follows:


Personal information including date of birth, overseas address, last Canadian personal income tax return filed, and the date you left Canada (if applicable).

Costs and additions to the property. This is best supported by the statement of adjustments at the time of purchase.

Use of the property since purchase. If used personally, be prepared to provide information proving your occupancy. (Ex. hydro bills, phone bills, etc.)

If the property was used for rental, you will need to provide the Revenue Canada withholding tax account number and NR6 undertaking account number. If you have a property manager, they should be able to provide this information for you. Additionally, you will need the most recently filed tax return on the property.

Interim agreement showing the purchaser’s personal information, the completion date of the sale, and the agreed price.

If there is a mortgage on the property, you will need to provide the balance owing.