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Top 21 grants and rebates for property buyers and owners


1 Home Buyers’ Plan
Qualifying home buyers
can withdraw up to $25,000
(couples can withdraw up to
$50,000) from their RRSPs for
a downpayment. Home buyers
who have repaid their RRSP
may be eligible to use the programa second time.Canada Revenue Agency
Enter ‘Home
Buyers’ Plan’ in the search box.
2 GST Rebate on New
New home buyers can apply fora rebate of the federal portion of the HST (the 5% GST) if the purchase price is less than $350,000. The rebate is up to 36% of the GST to a maximum rebate of $6,300. There is a proportional GST rebate for new homes costing between $350,000 and $450,000.Canada Revenue Agency
Enter ‘RC4028’ in the search box.
3 BC New Housing Rebate

Buyers of new or substantially
renovated homes priced up
to $525,000 are eligible for a
rebate of 71.43% of the provincial portion (7% of the 12% HST) paid to a maximum rebate of $26,250. Homes priced at $525,000+ are eligible for a flat rebate of $26,250.
4 BC New Rental Housing
Rebate (HST)

Landlords buying new or substantially renovated homes are eligible for a rebate of 71.43% of the provincial portion of the HST, up to $26,250 per unit.
5 Property Transfer Tax
(PTT) First Time Home
Buyers’ Program

Qualifying first-time buyers
may be exempt from paying
the PTT of 1% on the first $200,000 and 2% on the remainder of the purchase price of a home priced up to $425,000. There is a proportional exemption for homes priced up to $450,000.BC Ministry of Small Business
and Revenue.
6 First-time Home Buyers
Tax Credit (HBTC)

This is a non-refundable income tax credit for qualifying
buyers of detached, attached,
apartment condominiums,
mobile homes or shares in a cooperative housing corporation. It’s calculated by multiplying the lowest personal income tax rate for the year (15% in 2009) by $5,000. For 2009, the maximum credit was $750.Canada Revenue Agency
7 BC Home Owner Grant
Reduces school property
taxes by up to $570 on properties with an assessed value up to $1,050,000. For 2010, the basic grant is reduced by $5 for each $1,000 of value over $1,050,000, and eliminated on homes assessed at $1,164,000+. An additional grant reduces property tax by a further $275 for a total of $845 for seniors, veterans and the disabled. This is reduced by $5 for each $1,000 of assessed value over $1,050,000 and eliminated on homes assessed at $1,219,000+.BC Ministry of Small Business
and Revenue or
contact your municipal tax
8 BC Property Tax
Deferment Programs
Property Tax Deferment Program for Seniors. Qualifying home owners aged 55+ may be eligible to defer property taxes.Financial Hardship Property
Tax Deferment Program.
Qualifying low-income home
owners may be eligible to defer property taxes.


Property Tax Deferment
Program for Families with
Qualifying lowincome
home owners who financially support children under age 18 may be eligible to defer property taxes.

BC Ministry of Small Business
and Revenue. and enter
‘Property tax deferment’ in
the search box or contact your
municipal tax office.

9 Canada Mortgage
and Housing (CMHC)
Residential Rehabilitation
Assistance Program (RRAP)

This federal program provides financial aid to qualifying low-income home owners to repair substandard housing. Eligible repairs include heating, structural, electrical, plumbing and fire safety. Grants are available for seniors, persons with disabilities, owners of rental properties and for the creation of secondary and garden
1.800.668.2642 | 604.873.7408
10 CMHC Mortgage
Loan Insurance
Premium Refund
Provides home buyers with CMHC mortgage insurance, a 10% premium refund and possible extended amortization without surcharge when buyers purchase an energy efficient home or make energy savings
11 LiveSmart BC:
Efficiency Incentive

Home owners improving the
energy efficiency of their homes who hire a certified energy advisor may qualify for cash incentives through this provincial program provided in partnership with Terasen Gas,
BC Hydro, and
12 BC Residential
Energy Credit
Home owners and residential
landlords buying heating fuel
receive a BC government
point-of-sale rebate on utility
bills equal to the provincial
component of the HST.
13 BC Hydro Appliance

Mail-in rebates of $25 – $50 for purchasers of ENERGY STAR clothes washers, refrigerators,
dishwashers, or freezers between June 1, 2010 and March 31, 2011, or when funding for the program is
14 BC Hydro Fridge Buy-Back Program
(different from Appliance
This ongoing program rebates
BC Hydro customers $30 to
turn in spare fridges measuring 10 – 24 cubic feet in working

15 BC Hydro Windows
Rebate Program
Customers can save $100
per window on BC made ENERGY STAR windows until
August 18,
16 BC Hydro Mail-in Rebates/Savings Coupons
To save energy, BC Hydro offers rebates including 10% off an ENERGY STAR cordless
phone; 50% off an E2™dualflush toilet; $15 off a clothes drying rack; and 50% off Earth Massage showerheads. Check for deadlines.
17 Terasen Gas Rebate

A range of rebates for home
owners include a $25 gift cards
for furnace servicing: $50
rebates for upgrading a water
heater; $150 rebate on an Ener- Choice fireplace; $1,000 rebate for switching to natural gas and installing an ENERGY STAR heating

18 SolarBC Incentives
Contractors will provide home owners buying a solar hot water system with a $2,000 discount at the point of sale until December 31,

19 City of Vancouver
Solar Homes Pilot

Offers $3,500 (about 50% of
the cost) towards the cost of
a solar hot water system for
anyone building new homes in
Vancouver. Offered by the City
of Vancouver, SolarBC, Terasen
Gas and Offsetters to 50 new
homes on a first come, first
served basis, January 2010
- March 2011, with building
permits issued in 2010.
20 RBC Energy-Saver

Home owners who have a
home energy efficient audit
within 90 days of receiving an
RBC Energy Saver™ Mortgage
may qualify for a $300 rebate
credited to their RBC

21 Vancity Green
Building Grant

In partnership with the Real Estate Foundation of BC, Vancity provides grants up to $50,000 each to qualifying charities, not-for-profit organizations and co-operatives for building renovations/ retrofits, regulatory
changes that advance green building development, and education to increase the
use of practical green building