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Tina Mak interview CB China after China stock market melt down Part 1

Ron: 是的,这些展销会绝对是有效的。我们绝对大力推荐经纪参加各种展销会。一切都是以人际关系网为主,制造人与人之间的联系,你永远也不会知道当别人什么时候会需要你,又或者什么时候别人可以为你提供一个转介的机会。所以参加展销会是绝对重要的。我们最近刚有一名经纪参加了上海的展销会,还有另一名经纪参加了迪拜的展销会。

Tina: 我绝对同意!但我要说明一点,有足够的资金也是很重要的。(笑语)

Ron: 是的。我们尽量保证我们的经纪与正确的人会面,我们举办活动让经纪建立关系网。不过,你说的没错,这一切都是一足够的资金为前提的。还有就是,参加各种活动不只是为了建立联系,更是为了了解当地的市场,了解当地的开发商需要什么,甚至全球的市场,以及他们对于美国的市场有什么需求。

S:  According to our report, Canada, especially Vancouver is the most popular place to invest due to its life style, environment, and its multi-culture background. Compare to before, with the low Canadian currency, the cost for buying homes in Canada has been reduced for Chinese buyers. It is the best timing to study abroad, travel and purchase property. I know that Vancouver property is now sought after by a lot of investors, the competition between home buyers are strong. Sometime even you have money, it is hard to find a place to buy.

Tina: It is still possible to buy, you might need to pay a bit more. But as long as you want to buy, I can always find you a place! Hahaha

R: 绝对了解你的客户,了解你的市场,了解他们需要什么。

Tina: 我认为最重要的是人际关系,我们需要鼓励更多的人加入到社交网络中来。

Ron: 我绝对的同意。你需要让更多的人认识你,公司之外,你的街坊邻里之外,要将自己放到更远的地方,认识更多的人。你要保证当别人在互联网上搜索你的名字时, 你的名字在那里,当别人需要你时,你在那里。

Tina: 互联网社交平台非常的重要。

Ron: 是的!你越与人交流,建立信任的基础,对你越是好的。

S: The commission level between different city and country is different. It is related to the service provided. In China, most agent’s commission is 1%-2%. For E-commerce, it can go as low as 0.5%. How do they survive? Well, the quality of the service is lower for E-commerce compare to higher commission level. How do we win the oversea market? Despite the market low standard, we believe that in the long run, good service is what’s going to earn customer’s trust.

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