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VAncouver DT Apartment listing & Selling Ratio

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0 & 5 yrs old buildings:

Downtown: 25 listings under 350k & 19 sold 9 sales between Nov & Jan 16th 147 listings between 350k & 525k & 121 sales between Nov & Jan 16th

Westend: 0 listings under 350k 0 listing between 350k & 525k

Coal Harbour: 0 listing under 350k 13 listings between 350k & 525k & 9 sales between Nov & Jan 16th

We only have handfull of DT buidings that are under 5 yrs old at the moment. All the pre-sale projects are sold out. Unlike before, u saw tons of cranes stood around the Downtown corridor when you heading DT, now, we only have a handful of cranes u can see when u go DT now. Most projects were completed by last year, in time for the Olympic. In Coal Harbour area, there are only 2 more residential sites & that's it. Once is on W. Hastings & the other one will be back on the market sometimes this year on W. Georgia. However, both are high end projects. Even 1BR anytime in the 400k marks. Most of the young adults works downtown & want to live downtown. Renting Downtown is not cheap as we know. If you would like to help your children to own a home in DT before it really become unaffordable, please stay tune next week.

I'll be introducing a new affordable Downtown project on the show next week. I'll be able to let you have the first dip on this project without lining up in the rain or snow(if we gonna have any), be able to pick the best unit at the best price b4 it opens to the public. Only AM1320 listeners will have this great opportunity. The project is in the very convenient location. One straight road to Richmond. Great for parents to go n visit the children & great for the children to go to Richmond for our Chinese food if they get tired of the western food. :)

Remember, stay tune for next weeks program or you can start calling me at 6004-412-5860 if you want first hand information.

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